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Owning a boat, whether it’s big or small can be a big decision and involves significant capital investment in both time and money.
Now you can experience the boating lifestyle by joining our boat club and enjoy the benefits that being out on the water offers. Escape to a new normal, cruise Sydney Harbour with family and friends and leave the ongoing maintenance to us.


No lock in contracts.
Our fees are charged in advance so with 30 days notice you can leave at any time. Its a flexible and inexpensive way to try boating


Easy booking process.
Our online system is simple and easy to understand, no points, just a straight up allowance that is easy to manage with a set allocation  per membership period (30 days).


Standby days.
You can go boating outside your allocated allowance using our standby system. Simply check if a boat is being used and if it isn’t, make a booking and off you go.


We stay invested.
That is right, we stand alongside you in club membership because our goal from this business is also to showcase our product. This means we have a vested interest in keeping our product in tip top condition. 

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There has never been a better time to enjoy your local waterways here in Sydney Harbour. Become a member of Four Points Boat Club and see why boat membership can (and will) change your lifestyle.

Four Points Boat Club (FPBC) is designed to be a simple boat club concept that gives you access to a growing range of boats, built by the worlds largest boat builder and represented by us, a well known, reputable business that has been involved in the commercial and recreational boating industry for over 20 years. Put simply, it is a walk on walk off boating experience that is affordable, pleasurable and simple to understand.



  • Access to all boats under 10m

  • 3 days useage 

  • Ballot for special events

  • Standby days available

  • Walk-on walk-off boating

  • All ongoing  costs excluding fuel are included

  • Ballot for special events

  • Leave at any time



  • Access to all boats in the club

  • 3 days useage

  • Ballot for special events

  • Standby days available

  • Walk-on walk-off boating

  • All ongoing  costs excluding fuel are included

  • Ballot for special events

  • Leave at any time


 4 Steps To Becoming A Member

Join The Club

Join the Four Points Boat Club for exclusive membership plans and training.

Select Membership

Choose from one of two membership plans with unique features and inclusions for each boat.

Book Your Time

Book, schedule and manage your days on your very own luxury boat from your account.

Adventure Begins

Pack your swimmers and set off to explore the beauty that is Sydney Harbour, need inspiration? Visit our top recommendations for day trips.

Four POints Boat Club


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The luxury boating lifestyle offers an indescribable sense of freedom. When out on the water, your mind is only on the sapphire sea before you. You’re journeying to a hidden island or spending the evening stargazing with the kids—your boat goes where, when and for how long you want. Whether it be a weekend or a week, you’ll never be short of company I’m sure.


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