Whether you’re a long-term resident or a seasoned visitor, the chances are you may never have seen Sydney from the water. Any boat lover will tell you that that’s where you’re going to get the best views of the Harbour City.

So, what’s the best way to get a piece of the action and set sail with friends and family for a break on the water? Read on as we share the benefits of joining a Sydney boat club.

Boat Membership Explained
Traditional private yacht or fishing clubs have meant paying a membership fee and then keeping your own boat on a mooring. Sydney boat clubs are a relatively new concept that means you don’t need to own the boat you use.

For one affordable monthly subscription fee, you’ll have access to a whole fleet of top-of-the-range boats. Picture it: your own private line of luxury boats to choose from with a friendly team available to take care of all the hard graft.

Pick a club where your boat choice will be ready to go the moment you arrive. All you’ll need to do is enjoy your next trip out on the water. On return, you’ll simply hand the keys back and head home. Think of boat membership as VIP valet boating.

Choosing the Right Sydney Boat Club and Membership
A key benefit of any Sydney boat membership should be easy access to the top attractions. Sydney’s leafy North Shore and its d’Albora Marina, for example, have an excellent, central location within easy reach of the city’s stunning icons.

Calm waters, sandy beaches, and excellent fishing are a stone’s throw from Sydney’s rugged suburban beauty all bordered by National Park. You’ll be just 30 minutes away from Sydney CBD and the bright city lights,

And, there are plenty of other ideal top spots to check out from Sirius and Manly Coves to Darling Harbour, Rose Bay, and Balmoral Beach. Or, why not make an afternoon of it with a stop at Taronga Zoo?

Types of Boats to Suit My Boating Expectations
If you’re looking to maximise the time you spend on the water without the hassle and expense of boat maintenance, joining a Sydney boat club would be a smart move.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing your Sydney boat club:

  • The range of boats available: ideal for fishing or overnight stays, for example
  • The years of expertise and experience behind the boat club
  • The availability of necessary training
  • The detail of what and what’s not included in your membership
  • The right to freeze your membership for short periods
  • Conditions related to popular dates

It’s always best to keep your options open. Check for boats such as the 9.0CC day boat, or the Jeanneau 1095 with 3 cabins for longer overnight stays. Whether you fancy a quick fishing trip or a party night with friends you’ll want your bases covered.

A key benefit of boat membership with Four Points is that you’re not going to get tied to the same boat day in, day out. Always ensure you choose a Sydney boat membership that includes the use of new or nearly new boats. Go for one that offers great backup for regular maintenance.

Become Part of the Sydney Boating Community
By joining a boating club, like Four Points, you’ll be among like-minded people who share your sense of adventure. The club should be a place where you can swap stories with staff and other members. Share tips about individual boats and special places to visit.

Most clubs have members who may have already been boating but never owned their own boat. Other members will be total novices to boating or may have owned a boat before but now prefer the convenience of joining a club and using its boats.

The pontoon is an ideal place to share a cold beer or ice cream with the kids. It’s where you’ll be able to make new friends as the sun sets after making memories at sea.

What Experience Do I Need to Use the Boats at My Club?
Most boat clubs won’t require you to have previous powerboat experience before you join. In fact, at Four Points, we positively welcome new and experienced boaters alike. In fact, many of our members are totally new to boating when they join.

Don’t worry if you haven’t already received training to operate a luxury boat. Our membership begins with professional boat instruction. Our fleet is constantly evolving so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the latest luxury boats with one single membership.

Our fully-qualified crew will get your luxury boat ready for you. Our walk-on, walk-off service means that when you step on board, you’ll know that everything is ship-shape and working perfectly. Think of it all as the start of a new adventure.

How Much Will My Membership Cost?
If you’re planning to use a boat for several days each month, then it will be far more cost-effective to join a Sydney boat club, than to own your own boat.

Bear in mind that, as a member of the Four Points Boat Club, you won’t have to factor in the capital cost and depreciation of your boat. There’ll be no running expenses, berthing costs, insurance, or maintenance either.

You should plan on spending between $1400 to $2100 a month for your boat membership. There may be dependencies such as overnight stays and your preferred size of boat however.

After enjoying your trip, we’ll take care of all the cleaning. All you’ll need to do is give the boat a quick hose, put the covers on, and settle up for the fuel you’ve used. Job done!

Get All the Benefits of Boat Membership and More
At Four points Boat Club, we want to give our members maximum flexibility by letting them suspend their membership for up to one month every year. We’re proud to offer the finest range of boats in both the under 9m and under 13m categories.

We‘ve also come up with a system that’s fair to everyone on special days of the year. We, therefore, allocate days such as those over Easter and Christmas by ballot.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy all the benefits of boat membership and take full advantage of living in a city with a world-famous harbor. Join Four Points Boat Club today.