We all know that cruising the waters around Sydney is one of the most luxurious and enjoyable experiences that anyone can have, and we will forgive you for assuming that only people with deep pockets can afford to do so.

That is what makes a Four Points Boat Membership so unique as something you can enjoy for yourself or as the perfect gift for a special someone who deserves a luxury experience on the water. Whether it is for Father’s Day, a birthday, or just to have the opportunity to put the feet up while cruising along the water without the hassle of preparing everything beforehand and cleaning up after, our tiered membership system is the perfect gift of a lifetime that won’t soon be forgotten.

What makes our membership affordable is that it cuts out the cost of owning a vessel outright as well as paying for all of the upkeep, servicing, and repairs when the vessel is not in use. People with a Four Points Boat membership also get to reap the rewards of having access to a luxury boat that is cleaned, prepared, and maintained by a professional boat club for the ultimate walk-on walk-off experience.

Whether you are a regular visitor to perhaps the greatest city in the world or are a long time Sydney local, you will likely have spent a decent amount of time staring out into the Sydney harbour and the wider Port Jackson Bay. The pristine waterways winding their way in and around the coast and surrounded by the city is a true sight to behold, and the view and experience is only magnified with either a fishing rod or glass of wine in hand on a luxury boat.

One of the best parts about the membership system is that it gives all of our customers the option of choosing between the 180-degree and 360-degree membership options. The 180-degree membership gives holders access to a luxury vessel from Monday to Friday, while the 360-degree option provides access 7 days a week. You just need to indicate whether you prefer vessels that are under 10m or over 10m, book your dates, and the process will be completed quickly.

Whoever is lucky enough to receive a Four Points Boat membership as a gift will also receive full legal administration services that cover berthing costs and insurance, professional boat training if they are inexperienced at the helm, and the ability to try out a different vessel each time they hit the water!

Because our fleet is always growing and newer vessels are rotated in frequently, you can rest assured knowing that you will have some of the best and latest vessels on the market at your disposal, whether it is for a relaxing getaway with amazing food, wine, and open ocean, or if you plan on taking the entire family for an action-packed water experience with paddleboards, water-skis, or any other way of making the most of your time out there.

Our dedicated and experienced team at the Four Points Boat Club will also be here in Sydney to make sure you have everything that you need to enjoy hitting the water. The luxury boating experience should be something that everyone in the Sydney area and beyond has access to, and a part of that means having all of the right information and know-how to stay safe while having fun.

With our assistance and the Four Points Boat membership, you can get a taste for the luxury boating experience, or gift it to someone amazing who will appreciate getting to know the finer things in life.