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Boating membership is the perfect boating experience allowing you to sit back and relax and just enjoy the lifestyle it offers. Having a membership to our boat club allows you to pay a fraction of the price while sharing the ultimate experience with like minded people.

In choosing Four Points Boat Club for your boat membership you can expect a level of experience and support built on the foundations of over 20 years in the marine industry. We take care of the boat for you. We will re fuel it as required, clean it before your hire and all you need to do at the end of your trip is give it a quick hose and put the covers back on.

You will be able to ballot for special days of the year so you and your family can enjoy special events like Christmas Day or New Years Day out on the water. Our boats join the club as new or near new boats with factory warranty and they are the same boats we have been selling to our clients for over 10 years. By operating as a member, you will experience no feelings of guilt or pressure about those days your boat hasn’t been run in a while. Your boat will be very well maintained with all servicing done so it’s always ready for your day on the water.

Each member is required to pay an onboarding administration fee for the life of your membership*.
This once off fee covers the following:
* Set up of your membership account
* Access to the online booking system
* Legal administration
* Professional boat training
*FPBC allows each member to “temporarily suspend” their membership for a maximum of 1 month per year. During this suspense period, the onboarding admin fee will not be charged for your continuation of membership to the club.

Boat Membership Options

The FPBC system is built on 2 levels of membership. A 180-degree membership which suits those members who prefer a smaller size boat and a 360-degree membership for those who want access to all club boats. These 2 levels of membership vary in price but carry with them all the same features of walk-on walk-off boating that you might hope to find. Cleaning, servicing, berthing, insurance are all included in your membership fee, the only additional charge is for the fuel you use.

Once you decide which membership option suits you the best, purchase your membership and create your first booking. Our range of boats are categorised into 2 simple sections, under 10m and over 10m so, as you can see it is easy to understand. As the fleet grows and rotates every few years this system remains the same. So, one day you could be out on our Four Winns HD3 and the next time you might choose the Jeanneau 9.0CC. Different boats but the same membership.

Best of all, if you decide you have had enough or are going away for a period of time you can suspend or cancel your membership for 30 days in any 12mth period subject to the T&C. You have all the control and flexibility to go boating your way.

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Boat Membership FAQS

Do I pay for fuel?

Yes. Our team will fill your boat on return and process your payment for you. That way you can simply walk off the boat at the end of the day.

What other expenses do I have to pay for?

The only other expense that you might incur will be damage to the boat or an excessive cleaning fee. We can of course organise add on features for your hire such as skippers so they can drive and you don’t have to.

How do I know there will be availability when I join?

Our aim with this club is to make sure you have the opportunity to membership days. By remaining a club member we stay invested in not only the product but the system that is managing it. This is why our standby system is more restricted than other clubs as we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to use the membership days allocated to you

Do I need to reserve the boat in advance when I join the club?

Bookings are done on a monthly basis so once you join the club you will have the opportunity to sit down with us and pre-book some days in the current month

Is my membership for one boat or all of the boats?

Your membership is not for one particular boat, it allows access to all boats in the club dependant on availability.

Can we stay overnight on the boats or take the boat away for the weekend?

Our overnight option is restricted to the 360 membership due to survey requirements. An overnight hire will also require 2 days of your allocated membership days. You also must be on a mooring or tied up to the marina, not at anchor.

Do I have to clean the boat after use?

The boat will be cleaned for you on arrival, we simply ask that you remove your personal belongings and take your rubbish with you. Before you leave please give the boat a quick hose and replace the covers. Any additional excessive cleaning will ensure a fee no differently to a hire car.

What happens during holidays like Christmas?

We have identified a number of special event days throughout the year. Australia Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. These days will be allocated by ballot and we will call for interest around the end of October

What time during the day can I use the boat?

During daylight savings (AEDT) 9-7 and during non Daylite savings 9-5. If you are late returning the boat additional charges will apply.

How do standby days work?

You can use your standby days by booking the boat no less than 24 hours in advance and no more than 48 hours in advance. The idea of this is not to pre book extra days but to make the most of a change in plans where you suddenly have some free time. Membership days must be booked before standby days


Yes. FPBC offers a Corporate Membership for up to 4 people. You get the same allocation of days per month, the only difference being that your initial admin fee will be charged at the normal fee plus $330 per person (max 3) and all training must be conducted in the same session. 

 4 Steps To Becoming A Member

Join The Club

Join the Four Points Boat Club for exclusive membership plans and training.

Select Membership

Choose from one of two membership plans with unique features and inclusions for each boat.

Book Your Time

Book, schedule and manage your days on your very own luxury boat from your account.

Adventure Begins

Pack your swimmers and set off to explore the beauty that is Sydney Harbour, need inspiration? Visit our top recommendations for day trips.

Smell the sea air, taste the salty mist on your lips, and feel the gentle rocking beneath your feet. You’re on a boat—your own luxury daytripper for the water, it’s unmatched to any other feeling and is one of the best in the world.
In Australia, the luxury boating lifestyle is unlike anything else. Frequent seafarers boast of adventures as thrilling as the open ocean. Still wondering if this lifestyle is right for you? Become a member of Four Points Boat Club and see why boat membership can (and will) change your life.

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