Wondering what the benefits of luxury boat membership are? Having access to a boat can be a magical experience plus getting out on the water can improve your health and build strong relationships and memories with friends and family.

Owning a boat, especially one as big as a day-tripper or powerboat, can be expensive and ties you to a hefty payment every month regardless of whether you use it or not. Buying a $500,000 boat will cost a minimum of $3,500 a month not to mention the cost of berthing your power boat. For many, this is simply unachievable.

So how can you enjoy the lifestyle of owning a beautiful boat, without all the expense? This is one of the benefits of luxury boat membership. Boat membership is when a marine company buys the boat and offers its members access to the boat periodically. It’s a bit like hiring or renting but a lot more flexible. Taking several trips over the course of the year is a much more manageable expense than being part of a syndicate or owning the boat outright.

A boating membership offers access to luxury vessels at an affordable price whilst freeing people from the cost of continual upkeep. This is another of the benefits of luxury boat membership As part of a membership at Four Points Boat Club Sydney, your chosen vessel will be regularly cleaned and maintained including engine service, antifoul, and other repairs inside or outside of the vessel. The boats on offer in our membership are also available to purchase, so if you find that you are absolutely loving the boating lifestyle and all it has to offer, we can help you secure your very own boat.

So how do I go about booking my chosen boat?
Simple, all you have to do is log into your account to access your membership and then book the boat using the online calendar. An email from Four Points Boat Club will confirm your requested reservation and then if the date is approved you are free to head to the dock and access your boat at your leisure.

The freedom of being onboard a boat out on the water can awaken a real sense of adventure within and provide a rich opportunity to travel to new destinations you just couldn’t reach by car.

Four Points Boat Club Memberships give access to boating activities like:
● Fishing trips
● Diving, swimming, and snorkeling
● Family trips that provide bonding experiences and teach the kids valuable watercraft skills
● Creative business meetings and company gatherings

Boating offers the chance to get away from the stresses of daily life. There is no traffic to contend with and a great excuse to unplug and enjoy life. Access to our membership also enrolls you into a community of passionate people who love the water and boating, creating a genuine opportunity to network and make friends with people just like you!

The benefits of luxury boat membership really do speak for themselves so if you’re interested in joining our exclusive Four Point Boat Club Membership contact us today for more information.