Four POints Boat Club

Today ON The Water

You’re packed up, the crew are excited and you’re ready to hit the open water. Before you head out, make sure you have checked the weather, tides and winds to ensure the safety of you and your vessel.




Stay safe
Download The App

To Log On, call your Marine Rescue NSW base on VHF Channel 16 or use the free MarineRescue App. You can download the App at the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Androids.


When you Log On, our radio operator will ask you for some basic information about your vessel, your destination and contacts.

You’ll enter the same details on your smartphone or other device if you’re using the MarineRescue app.

If you don’t Log Off, this information will help us find you, whether you’ve simply forgotten to Log Off when you returned to shore or you’re caught in an emergency and need help fast.

Where To Spend The Day
In Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is home to a plethora of amazing boating spots. Looking for the perfect place to spend the day why not try some of these top local spots for the perfect afternoon with family and friends.

  1. Athol Bay – Not just the perfect vantage point on Sydney Harbour for NYE
  2. Middle Harbour
  3. Balmoral Beach
  4. Sirus Cove
  5. Clifton Gardens
  6. Manly Cove
  7. Jump Rock
  8. Watsons Bay
  9. The Spit
  10. Darling Harbour
  11. Taronga Zoo – Anchor up for the day
  12. Rose Bay
About Four Points Boat Club

The luxury boating lifestyle offers an indescribable sense of freedom. When out on the water, your mind is only on the sapphire sea before you. You’re journeying to a hidden island or spending the evening stargazing with the kids—your boat goes where, when and for how long you want. Whether it be a weekend or a week, you’ll never be short of company I’m sure.


Four Points Boat Club  Office:
Spit Road d’Albora Marinas, Mosman NSW 2088
P – +61 2 9930 0000
E –


Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 5PM
Sat: 9AM – 4PM
Sun: Closed